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An Early Meal – a Viking Age Cookbook & Culinary Odyssey

This is more than just a Viking Age cookbook.

It is a combination of a textbook on Viking Age culinary practices and mouthwatering recipes based on archaeological finds and experimental archaeology.

Dr. Cagliostro´s Cabinet of Curiosities – Investigations of the Unknown

Dr Cagliostro’s Cabinet of Curiosities has gathered an extraordinary collection that included both banned books on black magick and horrifying objects that whispers of an unknown world, far beyond reason and science.

With One Needle – How to Nalbind

Nålbinding, or Needlebinding, is an ancient method of creating textiles with a needle and yarn. Rows of stitches are made with a big, blunt, large-eyed needle, resulting in a firm fabric with a lively surface. Nålbinding technique dates back thousands of years, but it still has many contemporary uses.

Nålbindning – the Easiest, Clearest Ever Guide!

This Booklet is really the easiest clearest guide, and is the perfect introduction to the ancient craft of Nålbinding. The book has over 50 illustrations and all instructions are written in both English and Swedish.

A Handbook for Men’s Clothing of the Late 15th Century

This in-depth volume presents men's clothes, from the braies worn next to the skin, to the cloak and hat.

A Handbook for Women’s Clothing of the Late 15th Century

This in-depth volume presents women's clothes, from the smock worn next to the skin, to the head-dress and surcote.

Historical Clothing From the Inside Out – the Handbook Series

Historical Clothing From the Inside Out is a series of richly illustrated handbooks. The series will present a detailed view of clothes from different historical eras – from the early bronze age to our modern history. In each book we will make an in-depth presentation on the clothes worn, from underwear to accessories and outer clothing.

The books will also give an understanding on the fashion of the time and that influenced the general idiom and profile on what one was wearing.

The handbooks includes a wealth of modern illustrations, period artwork and photos of reconstructions and finds. In short, it is a must-have for anyone looking to create their own historical wardrobe.