Hanna Tunberg

An Early Meal

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Distillery: Boge Brännneri
Blog: Smakverkstan – The workshop of taste
Food excursions: Matkaravanen

Hanna Tunberg is a food lover, or as she puts it, “Slave under the pleasures of the palate and the yearning of the taste buds for new experiences”. Not only has she got a master’s de­gree in Medieval Archaeology but she is also a graduate of the Sommelier School in Malmö (WSET), and is one of the few authorized judges of beer and whisky in Sweden.

Taste and food culture has always been a major part of Hanna’s life, and in working with food history she has tasted her way through over thousand years of the past. Her intense interest in taste, culinary balances and the fine nuances of spices has lent itself to many in­teresting insights, both when creating new dishes, as when recreating tastes and dishes from the past. Her wide knowledge into current and traditional food culture has given her many opportunities to give lectures and workshops on a wide array of food oriented themes, without letting go of her practical interest in culinary experiences of the past.

Hanna has also successfully used her deep seated knowledge of food and drink in a num­ber of other interesting projects, such as Matkaravanen and the blog Smakverkstan – The Workshop of Taste. 2010 Hanna was crowned the winner of “Whisky Guide Competition Winner” and in 2012 she was awarded the Travel Scholarship on the Beer and Whisky Fair.